Django Knoth

Made in SomoS


Django Knoth’s Flying Portrait Machine allowed visitors to become a part of SomoS’ resident’s exhibition Made in SomoS. September 12th 2014, Django Knoth’s Flying Portrait Machine invited SomoS visitors to have their portrait taken at the exhibition opening reception. The remarkable results can be seen in the exhibition until September 30 2014.

Personal professional portraits ‘Made in SomoS’:
The Flying Portrait Machine by large format analog photographers Django Knoth and Donato Del Giudice will take your portrait right on the spot during the Made in SomoS opening reception. Django Knoth has designed a bespoke system for a portable darkroom meaning that portraits can be taken on the spot and developed right away. Knoth’s Flying Portrait Machine is effectively a contemporary version of Fox Talbot’s 1841 “Calotype” process, in which photographic paper is exposed directly inside of a large-format camera. The paper is then processed into a paper negative, and a final positive print is obtained by contact printing.

These one-off, antique-style portraits with a modern edge then become a part of the Made in SomoS exhibition for the rest of its duration (or you can take yours home for the very reasonable price of 30-50 euros).