Thematic – Blueroom Collective

conceptual-constructive typography exhibition

23.05.2017   - 26.05.2017

Coinciding with the 2017 “TYPO Berlin” design conference, SomoS presents “Thematic,” an exhibition of experimental visual communication by the Edinburgh-based Scottish design group ‘blueroom collective.’

In the exhibition, trending themes and concerns in popular culture and politics are explored and distilled through typography and large-format print media. This show originally exhibited in 2016 at St Margaret’s House in Edinburgh.

blueroom typography collective exhibition at somos art house

About blueroom collective

Working from The Edinburgh Palette arts center, blueroom collective members all work in graphic design, education, and their associated practices.

Technology is changing design, but much of design thinking is reactionary, producing repetitive generic approaches that dominate the commercial application of visual communication. our preferred medium is typography, and our manifesto – think, make – challenges the current situation by celebrating the connections between the conceptual and the constructive.

blueroom collective, Artist’s Statement

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Tue, 23 May 2017 – Fri, 26 May 2017, 2-7pm, entry free