Thiago Dezan

Photographer/director Thiago Dezan presented his work in a special edition of Cinema Conversación as part of the exhibition Tropicana 404.

Thiago Dezan took the street as his main school, in other words, his formation is “driven by the empiricism at the univer-city.” Dezan is not only active as director, photographer, producer and coordinator but also works facilitating the dissemination of national Brazilian Cinema. He currently resides in Casa Fora do Eixo São Paulo, but stems from Cuiabá.

Dezan is part of one of the largest independent media collectives in Brasil, called NINJA (Independent Narratives, Journalism and Action) which gathered wide international attention during the World Cup and the year before for their critical coverage of the demonstrations that took place in 2013 in Brazil.

NINJA’s goal is to give visibility and recognition to untold human stories by means of photography, documentaries, and by empowering youth groups and social movements to tell their own stories by giving media activism workshops and working together with them.

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Images: Thiago Dezan.