TK & DLO – 3rd Person


28.10.2017   - 29.10.2017

Artists TK & DLO present “3rd Person,” during The Beholder group exhibition at SomoS Art House organized in conjunction with the PornFilmFestival Berlin.

INTERACTIVE INSTALLATION: Sat. October 28 AND Sunday October 29 2pm – 6pm
PERFORMANCE: Saturday and Sunday 5pm

“3rd Person” is an interactive performance where a performer/participant is lightly restrained and wears a helmet containing video glasses. The video stream is not virtual reality, but actual reality through an external lens. The facilitator controls a camera that gives the participant an outside perspective on themselves.
A sensory play session occurs where the participant can see what will be done to them (eg an ice cube on their neck) before it happens. The intended effect is to create a feeling of disassociation in the mind of the participant between what they see in the 3rd person and what they feel in the 1st person. They experience the power, gaze and disconnected values of an observer watching a film whilst simultaneously being the subject of the film they are watching. This cognitive dissonance between being a beholder and beholden itself becomes an element of the experience.

In INSTALLATION mode the public is invited to participate in a gentle version of the experience.
The PERFORMANCE with DLO is a more thorough exploration of the possibilities offered by the system.
The PERFORMANCE will be at 5pm on both days runs for aprox 20-30 minutes.

Entry free, 18+

About the artists:
TK is an award-winning lighting, video and interactive artist. He is based in Berlin, Germany and Sydney, Australia. A central theme of his practice is empowering participants with new abilities and perspectives. He often works with people with disabilities and marginalized communities to explore how technology can empower these groups.

DLO is a Berlin based performance artist. Her work spans puppetry, comedy and burlseque performance. Her work has been seen everywhere from warehouses in Brooklyn and jungles in Kalimantan to the Sydney Opera House and the Roundhouse in London.