Todd Reece Johnson

Treading Water, Positions Berlin Art Fair

01.01.2018   - 28.02.2018

Todd Reece Johnson is an Australian visual artist and university lecturer who employs analogue techniques to investigate the malleability of the photographic image. His research interests include photography authorship, indexicality and materialism in the digital age.

Todd Reece Johnson’s curiosity and fascination for objects and spaces we position ourselves amongst reflects an understanding that our interactions with the world are silently and honestly revealed in the remnants, gaps and physical signs left behind.

Johnson has exhibited his work nationally and internationally including the recent “Materialist Photography” exhibition at Jarvis Dooney, Berlin (2017), Fotofilmic International Juried photography exhibition in Vancouver, Canada (2016) and Kaunas Photo Festival in Lithuania (2017).

A PhD candidate at Deakin University, Australia, Johnson’s research interests include photography authorship, indexicality and materialism in the digital age.

Numerous international journals and magazines have published the artist’s work; recent examples include ‘Sneaky Magazine (2014), ‘Art Ascent: International Art Journal 2015’, ‘Blame Magazine (2015)’ and ‘Aint Bad Magazine (2016)’. Johnson was recently selected as a guest panelist for the Illuminating Australian Art Series held at the National Gallery of Victoria in October 2016.

During his SomoS Artist Residency, beginning late 2017, Johnson produced and presented a Berlin photographic project and exhibition, Treading Water. Fall 2018, his photography is presented at the Positions Berlin Art Fair in a cooperation between Galerie van Cauwelaert and SomoS.

One of my underlying frustrations with digital photography is the distinct feeling of sterility. I think that digital processes have become so refined that nearly every image we encounter is dusted, anti-scratched and edited to the state of frozen perfection. The ‘saturation’ of images produced by the camera apparatus leave us to accept a desensitized version of the world in which we exist. With the evolution of digital cameras, the ‘medium’ of photography as being a mediation between image and observer is largely rendered obsolete: there is no materiality.

Todd Reece Johnson, “Fossils” Artist’s Statement


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