Tokyo Animation Screening & Cosplay


12.06.2015 7pm


From 5 – 21st June 2015, the TOKYO art crossing BERLIN festival comes to Berlin, presenting exhibitions, workshops, screenings, book presentations at eight art locations all over Berlin.

As part of the official TOKYO art crossing BERLIN program, on June 12th from 7pm, SomoS host an evening of innovative Tokyo animation art films, combined with Cosplay art performance and gathering. Please come in Cosplay dress!


Animation: ESORA, Hajime Sato, Sun Yalei, Mizuka Tanimoto, Ayaka Nakamura, Hikari Page
Cosplay Performance: Haruka Hiramatsu, Isana Yamada, SHOXXX a.o.


1. Art Cosplay Performance:
Haruka Hiramatsu: “Mechanical Suit”
Isana Yamada: “Lion Dance”
SHOXXX: Live Animation

2. Animations Films:
ESORA: “Sewingman”, “Cosmic Bugs”
Hajime Sato: “Untitled 2”
Sun Yalei: “Live in Evil”
MizukaTanimoto: “a variation of three scenery”
Ayaka Nakamura: “Spring”, “Smoke Tree”
Hikari Page: “APARTMENT

Ayaka Nakamura


Artists & Work Details:

Art Cosplay Performance

Haruka Hiramatsu (Tokyo): “Mechanical Suit”
Haruka’s performance involves cargo pants, mechanics, paint and hip hop dance.
Isana Yamada (Tokyo): “Lion Dance”
Isana’s Cosplay dance performance makes use of the original art lion’s head as used in the traditional Japanese masked dance in which the dancers are costumed to resemble lions.
SHOXXX: Live Animation
SHOXXX brings her illustrations and cut-outs to life. Using her original characters, her narratives unfold on a table by using various analog techniques and tricks. Placing a camera above the table, enables a projector to screens its live view.

Animation Films:

ESORA (Tokyo): “Sewingman” (4 min. 11 sec.)
We rip up, sew, and let each other live. Who healed the wound of the one that stitched my wound.
ESORA (Tokyo): “Cosmic Bugs” (1 min. 19 sec.)
Living in apathy is the same as the death from before the birth.
Hajime Sato (Tokyo): “Untitled 2”
Weak and strong, unfair, violent. – Are they human? Or beast?
Sun Yalei (Tokyo): “Live in Evil” (2 min. 50 sec.)
“It’s our inner wounds that bring us to the dreamland.“
The protagonist of this animation always lingers and wanders in her dreams, resulting from her childhood trauma.
MizukaTanimoto (Tokyo): “A variation of three scenery” (6 min.)
I produced this short film to create awareness of the energy problems humans face.
Ayaka Nakamura(Tokyo): “Spring” (1 min.)
Ayaka Nakamura (Tokyo): “Smoke Tree” (4 min. 30 sec.)
Don’t turn the page yet. But things are moving.
Hikari Page (Tokyo): “APARTMENT” (3 Min.)
A story taking place at an apartment.

More information: TOKYO art crossing BERLIN