Tokyo Short Art Film Screening


19.06.2015 7pm

From 5 – 21st June 2015, the TOKYO art crossing BERLIN festival comes to Berlin, presenting exhibitions, workshops, screenings, book presentations at eight art locations all over Berlin.

As part of the official TOKYO art crossing BERLIN program, SomoS is pleased to host, on Friday, June 19th 2015, an evening of innovative short Tokyo art films and “image-videos.”


Sayumi Higo (Tokyo) / Kenichi Nakajima (NY) / Natsuko Hattori (NY)/ June Ando (NY) / MizukaTanimoto (Tokyo) / misaki matsui (NY)


Program & Artist’s Statements
Short film & Image Video:

Sayumi Higo (Tokyo): Ici et Ailleurs 2014-2015 (6 Min.)
You don’t know about him.
You don’t share his culture.
You can’t speak his mother’s tongue.
and if,
You must speak with him.
What will you do?

Kenichi Nakajima (NY): FEET PROJECT No.3 (4 min.)
Art work should not be exhibited only at museums or galleries, as it arises from our ordinary life and our life itself. The purpose of this project is to research the relation between ‘Art and People’ or ‘Art and Life’. The work changes it’s expression with each place it is installed. People’s responses include marvel, laughter, joy, talking to me, taking a photo, etc.

Natsuko Hattori (NY): Blossom (1 min. 34 sec.)
Videographer: Soongsup Shin
Performance Artist: Olga N. Bogdanova
“Dancer in MocoMoco” is a collaborative art project directed by Jaiseok Kang, combining the efforts of artists across disciplines and genres to capture a fleeting moment that all artists endeavor for. As the dancers perform in the MocoMoco installation and costumes, Jaiseok Kang’s favorite photography theme of “Dancer” and Natsuko Hattori’s sculpture series “MocoMoco” combine and harmonize to become a single art form.

June Ando (NY): Stereo Archetype (5 min.)
Collaborator: Retsu Motoyoshi
In the 17th century, there was a hypothesis that Ether fills the entire universe. It led scientists to resolve the mystery of the propagation of light, which was the biggest scientific question of the past centuries. Appearance of ether was the key to revealing the truth of the universe. However, the existence of ether was rejected by the theory of relativity early 20th century. After that, nobody referred to ether anymore. Yet the idea of ether, which is formed by common perception during that period, had a unique character and important role in our world. An idol formed by our common perception awakens its ego from its given nature..

MizukaTanimoto (Tokyo) / My Book (3 min. 42 sec.)
I love books. When I’m reading, I can go where I want to go and I am able to be everything. To me reading is by far more interesting than chattering in the classroom.

Misaki Matsui (NY) / KASUMI (26 min.)
Kasumi, a Japanese woman comes to New York to follow the memories and dreams of her late fiance, Togo, who wanted to be a photographer. There she eventually finds her way of life.

More information: TOKYO art crossing BERLIN