Transart Institute: Loose Affairs

25.07.2015 6pm  - 26.07.2015 9pm

Loose Affairs is a celebration of free connections and unbound art. Presenting an interdisciplinary cross-section of work by Transart artists, the show embraces art that takes place outside of defined boundaries. By following the trajectory of the artists’ passions and obsessions, it creates a new breeding ground where unexpected connections are waiting to be discovered.

Opening exhibition open frame event for Transart Institute’s Summer Residency 2015
Somos Project Space, Kottbusser Damm 95, Berlin

July 25, Saturday, 18:00 – 21:00: Vernissage
July 26, Sunday, 10:00 –  16:00: Exhibition
July 26, Sunday, 19:00 –  21:00: Screenings/performances (program) + finissage

participant artists:

Sanja Hurem – The Passage
Lindey Anderson – Dear Red, final entry
Ladan Yalzadeh – I want to tell you something
Ana MacArthur – Invisible 488, #9
Stephanie Reid – “Walls Come Tumbling Down”
Honi Ryan – backout
Jaye Alison Moscariello – My Sister Saga Continues
Omar Shoukri – tales of another man
Cilla Vee/Claire Elizabeth Barratt – RAW
Abi Tariq – A Sound Conversation; trialogue
Konjit Seyoum – Loose Affairs
Andrea Haenggi – I’m pickpocketing your breath
Mariana Rocha- KOMA
Robyn Thomas – Process
Sabri Idrus – Six & nol
KJ Schumacher – Untitled
Margaret Hart – Weavers of Speech
Analia Sirabonian – Body Space
Gabriel Deerman – The Future
Zeerak Ahmed – Can’t seem to remember what i’m forgetting
Andrea Spaziani – Trio for Four Heads
Michelle Vara – Loose Affairs

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