Transart Institute: Open Frame

exhibition, performances & screenings

02.08.2014 6pm  - 9pm

The Transart Institute Open Frame event is a non-curated open space exhibition, where students and invited guests can freely experiment and share their work in any stage; completed or in progress. This year, the Transart Institute is honored to be showing with several Berlin based artists from the artistic collective tête at SomoS Berlin Art House.

Apart from the gallery space, a video lounge and the SomoS salon area are open to the public featuring special presentations. Contributors include Jose Drummond,  Marianna Rocha, and Transart faculty member Lynn Books, who will perform Kurt Schwitter’s Ursanate around 8:30pm.

Open Frame Night
Saturday, August 2, 6-9pm
Pop up event and reception
Transartists exhibition, performances and screenings


Participating artists include:

Mariana Rocha and Jose Drummond, whose wedding performance “The Knot” (2014) is based on the special energy they discovered between them after meeting through the Transart MFA program.

Deborah Dudley and her piece “Bad Dog (Böser Hund)”, 2014, which is based on an encounter between her dog and a skunk, employing the spacial relations between a single photograph, several three-dimensional objects and words taped on the wall to create its narrative.

Jaye Alison Moscariello presents her work on paper installation “My Sister is Coming to Live with Me!” (2014). All of the 10 single pieces have been created in only a few weeks, capturing the emotional turmoil of family discussions held to find ways of coping with the artist’s younger sister’s debilitating condition.

Analia Sirabonian, who explores skin in its duality as both a protecting, although isolating shell and a communicating, outward surface. In “Autorretrato II” (2013), she creates the framework of the “social epidermis”, using it to tell the story of her two protagonists, one of them disabled and deformed by kyphoscioliosis.

Claire Elizabeth Barratt and her 2014 movement installation “creeper” epitomises the unsettling nature of a creeping vine.

Adrian Schiesser uses low volume and floating speakers to create an engaging athmosphere of confusion in his 2014 sound installation “An optically variable or equivalent device (002)”.

Abdullah Khan and Honi Ryan, performing their piece “Notes on Not Knowing” (2014). For one hour, the two artists will be silently seated across from each other in an aim to explore the concept of telepathy. Each of them will write down their thoughts on blank paper, which will only later be revealed and assembled as a dialogue.

KJ Schuhmacher, whose diptych “Berlin 001” (2014) joins two studio pieces from 2011. One is left unchanged, while the other one has been layered with traces of block print that incorporate impressions of Berlin in 2014, alluding to the ancient practice of palimpsesting.