Tulip Enterprises

My Paper Sunglasses

07.08.2014   - 21.08.2014

Tulip Enterprises are a Berlin-based art collective active since 1991. They imagine themselves “fighting artistic dysfunctionality using inclusive art strategies.” They do this by way of public art presentations and self-organized exhibitions.

Apart from internationally presented Club-art installations and collages, they are known for their ongoing series of sexually explicit “ceramixed” porcelain plates.

Artist statement:

To develop an antidote to dysfunctional artistry, (common to 99% of all artists) is our aim at Tulip Enterprises.
Dysfunctional artistry is mostly generated by an art-school education and subsequent delusions of avant-gardeness, often developing into extreme audience-phobia and a lifelong dependency on government funds.
Tulip Enterprises fights this terrible ailment by excessive market-approximation and a strong regime of thinking small, but eccentric.

Short Bio:
Tulip Enterprises make use of techniques like painting, collage, installation, ceramics and light installation. Since 2003 they have been active as curators, working on projects like Apotheke Mitte (about the Irak war), the “Strich und Faden” subversive craft exhibition, the Berliner Kunstsalon art fair project La Crèche, Mica Moca, the “Kunstraum Richard Sorge” art space and several SomoS projects.

Since 2008 they have work on a program of ambitions international exhibitions in their own bountiful project space “Kunstraum Richard Sorge” in an old brewery in Berlin Friedrichshain. allowing them the privilege of working with such fine artists like Charles Craft, Nava Lubelski, Jn.Ulrick Desért, Hiroki Otsuka, Exactitudes, and Mumbleboy.

The art by Tulip Enterprises can be found at the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart, Schwules Museum Berlin and many private collections around the world. The work can be viewed at the New Museum Shop (NYC), Rick Castro’s Antebellum Gallery , Los Angeles, Holywood, Brutto Gusto Berlin and Gallery Mooiman in Groningen.