Unbound – Amphi

interactive work presentation, reading, Q&A

30.09.2017 7pm  - 9pm

September 30th, 7-9pm, SomoS hosts a multimedia experience led by current Artist-in-Residence Amphi:Tryon as she concludes an intensive two-month residency at SomoS.

Central themes to Amphi’s past and present work include the unique relationship between art, politics, and spirituality as they are framed within a feminist, post-colonial context. The continuation of her novel-in-progress, the medium by which she has chosen to analyze these themes, has been the fulcrum on which her creative inquiries at SomoS were based. The novel specifically focuses on the lives and perceptions of two women of color, who after going through traumatic experiences, go through a journey of self-discovery that leads to empowerment and liberation.

The event consists of a reading by selected performers of excerpts from her novel, in addition to various multimedia works in both video and sound that work to compliment and give further insight into her writings. Participants and audience members are asked to arrive punctually at 7PM for full participation in the guided experience which will be led by Amphi herself. The event will transpire as follows:

Part I – Introduction
Duration: 15 minutes

Part II – Audio/Visual Experience
Duration: 15 minutes

Part III – Reading
Duration: 20 minutes

Part IV – Closing Remarks + Q & A
Duration: 10 minutes

Amphi is a multi-disciplinary artist combining art –painting & writing- with politics and spirituality. Her work is dedicated to feminist and postcolonial questions. She will present new interactive works and conduct a joint public reading of her novel-in-progress, followed by a Q&A session.

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