Vaginal Arts Ensemble

Feminist Art Collective

21.10.2019   - 27.10.2019

The Vaginal Arts Ensemble is a feminist arts collective, formed in 2015 and comprises of members practicing in Athens and Berlin. Their work brings together thought and action about sexuality, gender and patriarchy, particularly from non-reductionist perspectives on the vagina, whose historical myths and stigma reflect a male-dominated society.

During the Un_Real Desires group exhibition, the Vaginal Arts Ensemble present their performance and video installation Sexual Saint in which a figure poses as the Passion of Mary, on a pursuit of emancipation into a capitalist society. The ritually worshiped Mary moves through the challenges and inconsistencies of sexual emancipation in a neoliberal, capitalist society, experiencing pleasure and pain and even buying sex toys. Sexual Saint therefore questions the authenticity of gendered liberation in capitalism, whether the consumerist market can produce a real form of emancipation, or whether it is always packaged for the masses.

The Vaginal Arts Ensemble was founded by artists Kristina Apostolou and Laura Papachristos in Athens. The collective’s first performance and video piece Walk of the Feminist Devil focused on urban space and the femme/non binary/female bodies in the context of self-optimization and vulnerability. Later in 2015 in collaboration with other artists væ took part in the production of an experimental short documentary about queer aging in Athens called Island of Dreams which was shown in the Ethnographic Film Festival in Athens in 2015 and at Deep Trash Club: Greek Trash in London. In October 2016, væ held a workshop on sexual reproduction in feminist struggles and feminist science fiction accompanied by the cyber-
reproductive performance piece The Womb at AMOQA (Athens Museum Of Queer Arts). In March 2017 væ showcased the performance piece Resurrection-alienwitchcunt at Subversiv in Berlin. Currently several different artists, activists and scientists, are associated with væ, including Alexa Tallér, Dania Alasti, Alice Braun, Seirah Keval and Laura Hatzler.

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