Victor Wilde – Was ist los

interdisciplinary multimedia micro-residency

from: 28.06.2016   to: 02.07.2016

Victor Wilde finds “Was ist los” in Berlin (a Bohemian Society production)

For five days only, Berlin’s SomoS hosts Los Angeles-based artist and designer Victor Wilde in his first European gallery exhibition. Presented as an interdisciplinary multimedia micro-residency, Was ist los will comprise four consecutive nights of live-streamed performance art, interactive design, and immersive, crowd-sourced happenings spontaneously merging fashion, art, experience, and spectacle.

Taking Berlin as his obsession and inspiration, Wilde will be collecting materials and conspirators across the city itself in preparation for a series of happenings that will feature live painting, original art, on-the-spot fashion shows, film projections, interactive performances, and improvised chaos. The proceedings will be live-streamed and clothing and art sold live online throughout the week.

As the founder, art director, and chief designer of progressive fashion house “Bohemian Society,” Victor Wilde is known for infusing the methods and attitude of contemporary visual art, especially collage and assemblage of found and non-traditional materials, into his singular hand-made garments — and vice versa. Often the tumultuous creative process itself takes center stage, as the process of collecting, conceiving, and executing ideas for men, women, and walls takes on a surreal and sexy theatrical flair in which all are invited to instigate.


June 28, 5-7pm: VIP room
Guests will be asked to live stream what they experience in the space. Artist and host Victor Wilde will hold court inside the VIP room. Are you on the list?

June 29th, 5-7pm: Leggo Your Logo
Do you love art? Love fashion? what do you love about them? Victor Wilde asks these question and more and will expect a naked answer.

June 30, 5-7pm: Gender fuck fest
The bohemian society invites attendees to strip down and dress up . However and whomever you like. Including special appearances and screening by local Berlin friends and family of Bohemian Society.

July 1st 5-7pm:
Victor Wilde will design and execute works of art for the body made entirely of material sourced in Berlin just days , hours, minutes, seconds before the performance.

July 2nd 6-9pm:
Wilde will paint, cut, and drape a 25-foot parachute into art for the body live on the internet. Said work will be sold live online upon completion.

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