Waste Not – Casey Jenkins

Durational Performance

02.11.2017 2pm  - 8pm

November 2nd 2017, 1-8 PM, SomoS presented ‘Waste Not,’ a durational performance piece by internationally-acclaimed artist Casey Jenkins as she concluded a condensed 2-month residency at SomoS.

Jenkins presented a slow-build durational performance and installation over the course of 6 hours, culminating (at 7pm) with a 10-minute audience participation segment and, finally, a short artist talk and Q&A session.

‘Waste Not’ explores the concept of waste as complex, gendered query. ‘Waste Not’ delves into a theme Jenkins has explored habitually within her previous works, namely how lives and labor are valued according to gender. As Jenkins observes, activities considered ‘domestic’ are often relegated to the realm of ‘feminine,’ and thus are often assumed to be wasteful if not performed for the benefit or advancement of others. Cooking must be done for the sole objective of feeding others; knitting, for the intention to clothes others. Femininity generally lacks validity unless owned or necessitated by some sort of externality. Contrastingly, masculinity asserts its validity simply in its existence.

As a feminine-presenting performance artist who regularly utilizes textiles as her designated artistic medium, Jenkins has had personal, first-hand encounters with her works being disregarded as a ‘waste of time,’ as they lacked an evident, superficial beneficiary. In her piece presented at SomoS, edible and soft materials will unite to create a temporary large-scale installation in response to the pervasive voices who regard expressions from women as wasted energy.

‘Waste Not’ – November 2, 1-8 PM, SomoS Art House
Participatory part begins 7pm
Artist Talk: 7.30-8pm
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Documentation images courtesy Stefanie Wolff