Winston Chmielinski

Positions, My Paper Sunglasses 2014

26.09.2018   - 30.09.2018

At once familiar and improbable, the painting of Winston Chmielinski (b. 1988, Boston) propel disparate visual parts into conversation. Aggregations of images, culled from the web and from the artist’s own archives, impress light, color, and contour onto the canvas within parameters staged for interruption—the source material is in constant rotation—so that the result is as much a magical sublimation of bits and pieces as it is a ritual from rift to resolution.

Winston Chmielinski is an artist based in Berlin, Germany. His paintings have received international acclaim (Art in America, Artnet, Vogue USA, Boston Globe), and have been exhibited extensively in North America and Europe (2017 Venice Biennale, 2016 solo shows at Galerie Thomas Fuchs and Magic Beans). Chmielinski’s paintings reflect his synaesthetical worldview and expertly blend the boundaries between recognizable forms and intuitive coloring.

Chmielinski received his BA from NYU’s Gallatin School in dance and philosophy, and continued his studies in Paris, and in Beijing, on world art history. Most recently, Chmielinski studied Kung Fu in Shandong Province, and worked directly with Ai Weiwei on his film, “Human Flow.”

The artist cooperated with SomoS in My Paper Sunglasses and at the Berlin Positions art fair.

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