WonJu Kim – Healing the Process – Solo Exhibition

Opening Reception: Tuesday, November 21 2017, 6-9pm

22.11.2017   - 26.11.2017

SomoS is proud to present Healing the Process, a solo exhibition by soft sculpture/fiber artist WonJu Kim, produced in Berlin to conclude her three-month participation in the SomoS Artist-in-Residence program.

In Healing the Process, Kim illuminates the journey of her recuperation from injuries caused by a car accident and its very tangible impact on her creative practice, embedding it in a broader discourse on artistic production, domesticity, disability, loss and recovery. Healing the Process highlights this personal recovery while simultaneously incorporating larger, previous themes that have become central to her identity as a South Korean citizen, woman and artist searching for a collective sense of healing.

Previously a self-described active, passionate person, she regularly created and installed her works outside of the domestic realm. Due to newfound physical restrictions, WonJu Kim was forced to acclimate to a compulsory domesticity, working from her own room for lengths of time she had previously never experienced. The installation presented at SomoS incorporates elements of her intimate living-working situation, giving insight into the intricate creative processes and inspirations of a physically-recovering artist.

We Remember You, a previous soft sculpture artwork by Kim, exists as a major component of the dialogue explored within her solo exhibition at SomoS. The installation commemorates the victims of the Sewol Ferry Disaster, a national tragedy resulting in the deaths of over 300 students in South Korea in 2014. The soft sculpture incorporates elements of Korean Shamanism, a symbolic use of color, and the ambiguity of material form. The installation, aiming to maximize Kim’s fascination with tactility, encourages exhibition visitors to create drawings or notes within the exhibition, memorializing their contributions to the installation itself.

As WonJu further mentions:

I do a lot of sewing–both hand- and machine-sewing; for the most part, though, I do a lot of hand work, meaning tools are pretty secondary for me. I’m a very tactile person, and to me, soft sculpture means that you, as the artist, are able to convey the tactility of an artwork predominantly from its appearance. I really try to put a lot of energy and craftsmanship from myself into the art.

I became involved in medium of soft sculptures because they look simultaneously otherworldly and comfortable. Within my own artistic career, creating these works makes me, too, feel a sense of comfort. I want to share that feeling with other people. I want my works to focus on happiness, rather than sadness. Fabrics are able to convey these feelings because of their consistent proximity to everyone in their everyday lives. People are always wearing them, touching them, interacting with them; it’s impossible not feel some sort of sense of familiarity from the materials.

WonJu Kim, Exhibition Statement


Healing the Process interweaves various narrative strains, sometimes running parallel, sometimes converging, inviting a sense of healing, empathy, positivity, and spirituality.

About WonJu Kim:

WonJu Kim is a young soft sculpture/fiber artist, operating between South Korea, the U.S.A. and Europe. Born 1988, WonJu Kim earned her BFA in Fine Arts in Crafts – Fiber and Textile Studies from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, USA (2014) and a BFA in Media Art from Kaywon School of Art and Design in South Korea (2009).

Since 2007, WonJu Kim has taken part in various group exhibitions and activities in the fields of art and fashion, both in South Korea and the U.S.A. including Craft Show at Convention Center, Tawney Continued; The University of the Arts, Philadelphia; and New York Fashion Week. Her most recent exhibition “We Remember You” took place at Pinea Linea de Costa in Spain. In 2015 her work was presented at the International Fiber Art Fair, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, South Korea. The artist has received several awards and scholarships, including the 2014 Rosalie Borowsky Belkin Award in Fibers. Fall 2017 she was invited to take part in the Mark Rothko Art Center’s International Textile Art Symposium in Latvia.

Opening Reception Tuesday, November 21 2017, 6-9pm
Open November 22 – 26 2017, 2-7pm
Entry free
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