Wonju Kim

South-Korean Fiber/Soft Sculpture Artist

01.09.2017   - 30.11.2017

WonJu Kim is a young Fiber and Soft Sculpture artist active between South Korea, Europe, and the U.S.A. Her preferred techniques are soft sculpture and fiber installation. Her multifaceted work addresses themes of healing, diversity, interculturalism and memory in a personal way.

Born 1988, WonJu Kim currently lives in New York City. She earned her BFA in Fine Arts in Crafts – Fiber and Textile studies from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, U.S.A. in 2014 as well as a Bachelor of Fine Arts – Media art from the Kaywon School of Art and Design in Korea (2009).

Since 2007, WonJu Kim has taken part in various group exhibitions and activities in the fields of art and fashion, both in South Korea and the U.S.A. including Craft Show at Convention Center, Tawney Continued; The University of the Arts, Philadelphia; and New York Fashion Week. Her most recent exhibition “We Remember You” took place at Pinea Linea de Costa in Spain. In 2015 her work was presented at the International Fiber Art Fair, Seoul Art Center, Seoul, South Korea. The artist has received several awards and scholarships, including the 2014 Rosalie Borowsky Belkin Award in Fibers. Latvia as part of the Rothko Center’s International Textile Art Symposium, Fall 2017. WonJu Kim joined SomoS as an Artist-in-Residence Fall 2017, here she developed her solo exhibition Healing the Process.

Inspired by her international experiences outside of her native South Korea, a keen intercultural sensibility has become an important aspect of WonJu Kim’s work. Exploring this in-between state, she aims to make the viewer of her work aware of the relativity and shifting nature of cultural attitudes and conventions.

As WonJu Kim states:

My work’s background is based on the diversity of culture. I’ve always wanted to be involved in all kinds of cultures, it has led me abroad, to observe and learn. I often find myself finally feeling the ultimate freedom when I am located outside of my country. Diversity is key for my work.

WonJu Kim, Artist’s Statement


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