Your Perception May Not Be My Reality

Performance Evening

10.08.2019 6pm  - 9pm

With BBB Johannes Deimling

10. August 2019, 6pm, SomoS hosts a final presentation by the participants of Performing Art Studies #65, presenting public performances developed during their week of working at SomoS in Berlin under the pedagogical, artistic and technical guidance of experienced artist and performance art professor BBB Johannes Deimling.

We are looking forward to a glimpse into the results of the inspired and engaged sessions of the Performance Art Studies conducted at SomoS early August 2019.


Viktória Heiser
Gabriele Avanzinelli
Luiza Martins Marques
Laurence Beaudoin Morin
Hannah Santana
Jana Smetanina
Manuela Covini
Marion Henry
Maja Maksimovic
Theresa Sowka
Tianxin Shi
Juliane Steding

PAS #65 focuses on the concept of perception as a prompt and/or launching point for better understanding the body, space, time, material, and action as active tools of performance art. Throughout the week, participants have been engaging with other art forms, such as poetry, sculpture, drawing, painting, video, architecture, with the intent of demonstrating context in relation to time relevant issues.

Thanks to all the people who participated in this workshop!

Entry free

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