Zander Porter

Visual Artist, Performer and Curator

22.06.2018   - 24.06.2018

Zander Porter is a US-American, Germany-based artist working in the space between liveness and onlineness, proposing new modes of social relation via complications of selfhood, communication, and (dis)embodiment. In performance and video forms, Zander negotiates attention, connectedness, affect, subjectivity, and participation through an approach to popular/internet culture and commodity detritus with a mixture of curiosity, reverence, and skepticism.

Material develops out of personal, identity-(de)forming experiences from virtual and physical spaces of roleplay, including online reality TV competition games, MMOGs (massive multiplayer online games), Berghain, the nuclear family, and anonymous/online intimacies. Zander works individually as well as part of XenoEntities Network (XEN), a platform for discussion and experimentation focusing on intersections of queer and gender studies with digital technologies.

In my work I aim to reveal queer (or alternatively-proposed) ways of being-with, or of socialization, both with the self and among others – situated somewhere necessarily between the “virtual” and the “physical.”

Zander Porter, Artist’s Statement


Born 1994 in Los Angeles, Porter received a Bachelor of Arts in Art Studio with high honors from Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut, USA in 2017. A recipient of the Elizabeth Verveer Tishler Prize from Wesleyan University, the artist also holds degrees in Game Design from DIS Copenhagen and in German language from UCLA.

Porter is a member of the “Xenoentitites Network” (XEN) which is a platform for discussion and experimentation focusing on intersections of queer, gender, and feminist studies with digital technologies, initiated by Pedro Marum, and expanded to a collective including Porter, Lou Drago and Rita Macedo. The XEN-curated programs comprise events with performances, screenings, and panels. The content revolves around contemporary art and philosophical-theoretical themes, such as posthumanism, xenofeminism, cyborgs and prosthetics, surveillance technologies, virtual reality, amongst others. In 2018, together with Xenoentities Network, Porter co-curated “Queer_Tech_Camp: Strategies in Techno Performance” at Spektrum, Berlin as well as (A) Dark Room Space at Agora Collective, Berlin.

Porter presented the video performance alias personae Live 3 as part of the group exhibition Personae at SomoS during the 48 Stunden Neukölln Festival 2018.

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