Berlin Fashion Week Solo Show

15.01.2016   - 30.01.2016

As part of SomoS’ ongoing Berlin Fashion Week exhibition series “Alter Angle,” SomoS presents a solo exhibition by Jérôme Chazeix called “ZEIX Lab Berlin.”

Chazeix has developed the pseudo-label ZEIX over the last ten years. ZEIX gives Jérôme Chazeix freedom to reflect aesthetic and societal phenomena from pop culture, mass media and fashion, applying humor and satire to his subject matter.

As part of the ZEIX emporium, Jérôme Chazeix builds large boutique-like installations that incorporate photography, design, murals, music videos, performance, and sculpture. Ursula Schöndeling wrote of the artist’s subversive practice: “Jerome Chazeix hijacks the omnipotent fetish apparatus of the fashion system. He not only makes use of commodities and images that the system generates but also, as a brand maker, conquers the production aspect. And he invites fellow protagonists to playfully exploit the opportunities this appropriation offers in order to transgress established patterns.” ((catalog “10 Jahre ZEIX Berlin”, Kunstverein Langenhagen, 2011))

This version of Zeix Lab was initially presented 2014 at Elektrohaus Hamburg and will be presented in Berlin in an extended version.
The installation will present Zeix Lab series from 2013-2014 (“Zeix hommes”, “Zeix Tatoo”, “Poudre Zeix”, und “Zeix d´or”) as well as the 2015 series “Endless Godheads” (featuring males from India) and the production “The Postindustrial Grid”.

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