05.03.2015   - 28.03.2015

Choy Ka Fai, Ryo Kato, Yulia Kazakova, Li Hui, Jelena Martinovic, Hojun Song, Elisa Storelli

Curated by Elisa Rusca, the group show “Future, Now.” occupies itself with the presence of science fiction in contemporary art. Focusing on the work of seven young international artists, the exhibition celebrates the future in its multiplicities.


Choy Ka Fai Ryo Kato Yulia Kazakova Li Hui Jelena Martinovic Hojun Song Elisa Storelli

Performer and conceptual artist Choy Ka Fay creates machines that enable him to control the muscular movements of another person. His pieces invite us to think about robotics, control and futuristic technology. Japanese painter Ryo Kato draws apocalyptic landscapes where incommensurable forces fight, displaying epic and monumental battles for life. On the contrary, Yulia Kazakova’s canvasses represent graphic dreams of industrial decadence, evoking technological nostalgia between a post-modern nightmare and a distant hope. Chinese artist Li Hui uses the esthetic of the laser to create pieces which involve the viewer visually and emotionally, while photographer Jelena Martinovic twists the obvious and invites us to look at Earth as if it wasn’t our own planet. Hojun Song playfully reflects cyber technologies while Swiss artist Elisa Storelli critically reimagines our relationship to time.

The Future, Now. exhibition will be accompanied by a publication written in collaboration with Australian author, radio producer and Star Wars obsessive, Craig Schuftan.


Elisa Rusca is a Berlin-based art historian, writer and independent curator. She received her MA in History of Art and Archeology from the University of Lausanne, Switzerland, and worked for five years as assistant curator at the Collections of the Musée de l’Elysée, Lausanne, where she co-curated a major national project, “Hans Steiner: Chroniques de la vie moderne.” AICA Member since 2011, she actively collaborates with George, a Lausanne-based magazine about art, feminism and gender issues. In 2014, she curated Oblivion – Anne Duk Hee Jordan, Jacob Kirkegaard, Luke Munn, Virginie Rebetez, Sam Smith at Zweigstelle Gallery, Berlin and edited the catalogue, Oblio (Broken Dimanche Press, 2014). She is currently collaborating with Nathalie Herschdorfer to the redaction of the New Dictionary of Photography (Thames&Hudson, 2015).

Craig Schuftan is a writer, radio producer and public speaker from Sydney, Australia, currently living and working in Berlin. He is the author of three books on music and popular culture, The Culture Club (2007), Hey! Nietzsche, Leave Them Kids Alone (2009) and Entertain Us! an Alternative history of Alternative rock in the 1990s (2012). Schuftan has given talks and lectures on music history, philosophy and art theory in Australia, the UK, the Netherlands and Germany, and presents a monthly series of multimedia presentations on the relationship between modernism and popular music in Berlin called ‘Der Kultur Club’. He wrote and produced a long-form music documentary series for ABC Radio National, ‘Love in the 90s’, aired in early 2014.

Duration: March 6 – 28, 2015
Visiting Hours: Wed-Sat 2 – 7 pm, and by appointment